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ORCHESTRA BREVA presents “EROICA - A Sesquicentennial Tribute to LAURA SECORD”

Fri Jun 21 8:00 PM

 Laura Ingersoll Secord’s remarkable and significant contributions to our country’s history will be recognized in this concert celebration highlighting her heroic acts and life's journey, illustrated through music significant to her time and circumstance.  In this way, all who have served humanity through in times of war and peace, through acts of bravery and sacrifice, will be honoured.  Featuring classical musicians, Indigenous artists, local historians and Beethoven’s Eroica Symphony, conducted by Melanie Paul Tanovich.

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Tickets:  $40 adult/$30 Senior/$20 Student/$10 Child/Veterans free

Red Green This Could Be It Tour

Tue Oct 22 7:00 PM

The name says it all.  Potentially Red’s last tour as he heads out on the road to hold Lodge Meetings all over North America.  Might be your last opportunity to catch Red live (or as live as he gets) before he takes a long look at his birth certificate and decides not to keep pushing his luck. 

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The Code

Mon Nov 18 1:30 PM

After receiving backlash for instigating a student protest at her high school, Moira is initially supported by her best friends Simon and Connor. However, Simon’s support turns to anger after learning his feelings for Moira are not reciprocated. After leaking a humiliating video mash-up of Moira’s protest speech, Simon faces consequences out of his control. Green Thumb Theatre’s play for teens examines complex questions about friendship, accountability and consent.

Photo by: Leah Gair of Chicknskratch Productions featuring Elizabeth Barrett, Nathan Kay, and Mason Temple

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$12.00 school price